Dr Denis Koltsov

Dr Denis Koltsov is the director and the principal consultant at BREC Solutions. He offers technology consulting services in selected areas of his expertise. He is also the key contact for all the project related enquiries. He manages the team of experts (BREC Associates) that deliver our services. This page outlines Denis' specialisation, past projects, teaching and publications record.

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  • Denis Koltsov
    (Director and Principal Consultant)
    tel +44 1524 380 047 (office)
    tel +44 7887 931 658 (mobile)
    email: denis@brec-solutions.com

    News and views

    Short Bio

    Born in Moscow (1976), Denis grew up in Paris. He speaks 3 languages. Denis graduated from Cambridge University in 1998 (BA and MSci in Physics) and followed up his research interests in Nanotechnology to graduate from Cambridge in 2002 with a PhD in Engineering. His constant interest for real-world problems brought him to Lancaster University where he worked up to 2009 as Lecturer in Nanotechnology. His consulting career started in 2005. In November 2007 Denis and his colleagues registered their own consulting company (BREC Solutions Limited). He is the Director and a Principal Consultant in BREC Solutions Limited.

    Past Projects

    Health and Usage monitoring (HUM) of electrical wiring for aircraft
    Wire health monitoring Denis was heading an innovation project at Lancaster University funded by BCF Designs (Ultra Electronics). The aim was to design a reliable and novel system for wire fault detection onboard of aircraft. Results were presented at international events and published in refereed journals. For any information please contact Denis.

    Optimisation of RF welding processes for the food packaging industry
    Welding of plastic Denis contributed to an innovation project that aimed at designing and optimising a novel method for ready made meals packaging. His RF and Microwave expertise as well as his materials and electromagnetic field modelling were used to design a high power loss-tangent welding system with a high throughput and several benefits for presentability of the packaged product. Four patents were filed by our client to protect these developments.

    Professional CPD courses

    Denis Koltsov was involved in the setting up of MSc in Micro and Nanotechnology at Cambridge University and designed an MSc program at Lancaster University Department of Engineering. In addition, some first and second year modules were designed. This material is now available in the form of intensive professional courses. These course can be delivered in English, French and Russian. We travel to our clients for their convenience. Course material can be tailored specifically for the client's needs.

    Lectures on micro and nanotechnology
    Teaching Dr Koltsov Lecture courses are available in the following subjects:

  • Introduction in Micro and Nanotechnology
  • Micro and Nanotechnology markets
  • MNT innovation and patent landscape
  • Social dynamics of nanotechnology (includes a unique role game for 6 or more students)
  • Micro and Nanofabrication
  • Modelling on a nanoscale
  • Nanotechnology and microscopy
  • Nanoparticles and their applications
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    Practical training
    Practical Class
  • Introduction to use of clean rooms
  • Practical microscopy (Optical and Electron beam)
  • Nanoscale modelling (micromagnetics problems)
  • Social impact of nanotechnology - role game for 6 or more

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    Related Publications

    "Training services in the domain of Micro & Nano Systems"
    D.K.Koltsov Talk on MNT Third Mission workshop, Lancaster (October 2007)

    "Nanoeducation Matters" Brochure (PDF)
    D.K.Koltsov The Times (2006)

    "Nanoeducation - the next revolution" Brochure (PDF)
    D.K.Koltsov Action Network Magazine (2006)

    "Nanoeducation - from Foundation degree to MSc"
    D.K.Koltsov Talk on NanoTechnology: Education and Training, London (2005)

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    "Dielectric bonding"
    I.H.Balchin, C.J.Sofield, A.H.Harker, D.K.Koltsov
    GB 2450366 (A) (26/06/2007)

    "Dielectric heating / welding with phase difference"
    C.J. Sofield, D.K. Koltsov
    GB2426955 (A) (13/12/2006)

    "Dielectric Welding"
    D.J. Smith, R. Grimes, J.M. Loutit, C.J. Sofield, D.K. Koltsov
    EP1749641 (A1); US2007045240 (24/07/2006)

    "Product Packaging"
    M. Feast, B.J. Zebedee, H. White, T.M. Robins, C.J. Sofield, D.K. Koltsov
    WO2005120811 (A1); EP1753600 (A1) (22/12/2005)

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    Recent Publications and Presentations


    "Are you tired of hit and run innovation" (Invited Presentation)
    Koltsov, D.
    Frameworks NW meeting Liverpool 29 April 2010

    "Nanotechnology in Food and Drink industry" (Invited Presentation)
    Koltsov, D.
    SOFHT meeting, Tamworth 20 April 2010

    "Design and simulation of a multi-function MEMS sensor for health and usage monitoring"
    Zhou, X.; Koltsov, D.; Richardson, A.; Le, L. & Begbie, M.
    Proceedings of the IEEE Prognostics and Health Management Conference, 12th-14th January 2010
    Macao Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/PHM.2010.5413415, ISBN: 978-1-4244-4756-5


    "Collaborative Consulting"
    D.K.Koltsov BREC Solutions Limited
    Collaborative R&D Meeting RTC North West, Runcorn (Oct 2009)

    "Health Monitoring of Aircraft Wiring by Acoustic Method"
    S. Saha, Z. Xu, D. Koltsov, A. Richardson and A. Sutherland
    IEEE Aerospace Conference, Big Sky, Montana (2009)


    "Failure Mechanisms of Legacy Aircraft Wiring and Interconnects",
    B.G. Moffat, E. Abraham, M.P.Y Desmulliez, D. Koltsov & A. Richardson
    IEEE Transactions in Dielectric and Electrical Insulation, Vol. 15, No. 3, pp.810-825, June 2008

    "Acoustic System for Online Wiring Test on Aircraft",
    Z. Xu, D. Koltsov, S. Saha, A. Richardson, A. Sutherland
    14th IEEE International Mixed-Signals Testing Workshop IMSTW 08 , Vancouver, June 2008

    "An Embedded Test & Health Monitoring Strategy for Detecting and Locating Faults in Aerospace Bus Systems",
    Jari Hannu, D. Koltsov, Zhou Xu, Andrew Richardson and Markku Moilanen
    Proceedings of the IEEE European Test Symposium, Italy, 2008


    Advantages of CNT-MFM probes in observation of domain walls of soft magnetic materials
    H.Kuramochi, T.Manago, D.K.Koltsov, M.Takenaka, M.Iitake, H.Akinaga
    Surface Science, 601, 5289-5293 (Nov 2007).

    "Embedded Health Monitoring Strategies for Aircraft Wiring Systems",
    Z. Xu, S. Saha, D. Koltsov, A. Richardson, B. Honary, A. Sutherland, J. Hannu and M. Desmulliez
    IEEE Electronic Systems & Technology Conference (ESTC), Greenwich, Sept 2007

    "Simulation of the micromagnetic properties of sub-micron permalloy dot arrays",
    M.A. Perry, T.J. Flack, D.K. Koltsov, M.E. Welland
    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 314 p75–79 (2007)

    2006 and before

    Nanometer magnets
    McGraw-Hill Yearbook of Science & Technology (2006) Invited article

    "Magnets and nanometres: mutual attraction",
    D. K. Koltsov and M. A. Perry
    PhysicsWorld July, 31 (2004)

    "Control of micromagnetics in Permalloy nanomagnets by means of indentation",
    D. K. Koltsov and M. E. Welland
    J. Appl. Phys. 94 (5), 3457 (2003)

    "A reliable scheme for fabricating sub-5 nm co-planar junctions for single-molecule electronics."
    M.S.M.Saifullah, T.Ondarçuhu, D.K.Koltsov, C.Joachim and M.E.Welland
    Nanotechnology 13 659 (2002)

    "Micromagnetics of ferromagnetic equilateral triangular prisms",
    D. K. Koltsov, R. P. Cowburn, and M. E. Welland
    J. Appl. Phys. 88 (9), 5315 (2000)

    "Sensing magnetic fields using superparamagnetic nanomagnets",
    R. P. Cowburn, D. K. Koltsov, A. O. Adeyeye, and M. E. Welland
    J. Appl. Phys. 87 (9), 7082 (2000)

    "Lateral interface anisotropy in nanomagnets",
    R. P. Cowburn, D. K. Koltsov, A. O. Adeyeye, and M. E. Welland
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    "Designing nanostructured magnetic materials by symmetry."
    R.P.Cowburn, D.K.Koltsov, A.O.Adeyeye, and M.E.Welland
    Europhys. Lett. , 48 (2), 221 (1999)

    "Single domain circular nanomagnets."
    R.P.Cowburn, D.K.Koltsov, A.O.Adeyeye, and M.E.Welland
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 83 (5), 1042 (1999)

    "Probing submicron nanomagnets by magneto-optics."
    R.P.Cowburn, D.K.Koltsov, A.O.Adeyeye, and M.E.Welland
    Appl. Phys. Let. 73 (26) , 3947 (1998)

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