About BREC Solutions

BREC Sign BREC Solutions limited was formed in 2007 with the aim to provide high quality scientific and technological assistance to private and public sector organisations. Our clients vary from one person startups to multinational companies. No business could ever survive in isolation especially in the innovation sector. We act as a hub of knowledge for our clients. We collaborate with a number of experts to deliver a high quality cost-effective service. Our aim is to provide our clients with solutions to their problems. If we cannot find a solution then we will definitely find someone who will.

Our philosophy is depicted in the abbreviation "BREC" (Bureau for Research, Engineering and Communications). This follows three steps: developing technology, applying technology and communicating our findings. We are approachable and would treat your enquiry (however small it was) very seriously. We would go a long way to come and see you in person to discuss your requirements.

BREC delivers its services through a number of trusted consultants. Our service is focused but not limited to the area of nanotechnology. We provide very specialised services in the area of nanotechnology standardisation and regulation.

BREC Solutions limited is registered as a limited company in the UK and Northern Ireland (Company House number: 6439457) at the address 43 Bank Road, Lancaster, LA1 2DG, United Kingdom.

Our Network

We operate through a network of experts based in different parts of the world. We coordinate our work through our UK office. If you are interested in becoming one of our advisors or would like to join forces from your company or institution then please contact the director Dr Denis Koltsov (denis@brec-solutions.com) with your proposal.